Monthly Archives: April 2014


So by now you guys have figured out I don’t usually have much to say. I did manage to meander around the web the other day and came across some links you might like:

The Top Ten Books People Lie About Reading

14 Ways to Tick off a Writer

Should You Enter a Writing Contest

The top two are funny. As for the third, I include it for anyone wanting to try their hand at some writing competition. I actually have entered a couple of contests before but there was a snafu with the first entry (they never got it) and the second contest had fine print I did not read that said I had to promote my work by emailing or tweeting everyone I knew to garner votes from all my friends (which means I lost as I obviously am lacking when it comes to self promotion). So if you do enter contests, remember to read all the instructions!

I have been finishing up the anthology of short stories and should be publishing it through SmashWords soon. By soon I mean July (depending on what my test readers say and my final edits). It will be a freebie book – my gift to anyone out there who likes short stories and needs some entertainment.