The novella Sudarium has been removed from publication because it was combined with the unpublished sequel (Sagacitas) to become my third book: The Unusual Haunting of Sara Leigh Larson.

Once the cover art and interior illustrations are completed, the book will be prepared and published online. Come back in August for final cover art and short description. Come back in September for posting date or link.

hutcover My second book, “Stories from the Hut,” is available on Smashwords. Short description: These 24 short stories run the gamut of human experiences (from youthful independence to full-blown adventures, and from love unrequited to the danger of revenge) wrapped in the guise of fiction and fantasy with as much humor thrown in to offset the creepy as possible (and there are a few creepy stories, so be warned).


My first book, “Maker,” has been removed from publication (for now).