Monthly Archives: August 2014

Update for August

I wish I had something smart and funny to say, but if you have been reading this blog, you will by now be used to minimal posts. On to the news:

Two of the four betas give the anthology a thumbs up and one of the others had questions about only two of the short stories. At this rate, the anthology should be ready mid September. It will be a freebie on Smashwords and I will post a link when it is approved and published.

The next novel (an action-adventure fantasy) finally broke the 64k mark and is rapidly heading toward completion. I hope to finish it by November and get it in the  hands of the betas by January 2015. With luck it will be published this time next year.

And after that? Well, I can either continue with the sequel for Maker or move on to something completely different. Who knows? Let’s see where the characters lead…