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Short story to the rescue

Greetings, crickets!

If anyone is actually reading this, I apologize for the delay in posting, and yet I don’t. It’s been a busy few months and, let’s face it, blogging is not a priority for me. Writing is.

And I have been writing. Finally completed a (relatively) short story I started two years ago. It came out nicely and will go into the growing pile slated for another “Stories from the Hut” anthology. I must say, I’m a bit overwhelmed by how many people read that book, at least on Smashwords. Then again, it’s a freebie.

The novel I just published “An Unusual Haunting” is not free, but it is on sale this month in honor of the main character’s birthday. Actually, it’s a test to see if anyone will pay $0.99 for it. So far, no nibbles. And that’s not a problem. If I was in this to make money, I’d be going at the marketing of it with a vengeance. Possibly printing it out and selling it myself at bookstores.

Even so, it can be disheartening not to get nibbles (where someone at least views it, even if they don’t buy). That’s why I was so glad I finished the short story and am picking up another one I have yet to finish but will this year. Short stories are great for keeping my spirits up and creativity going when I get stuck in momentum writing a large novel. Shorts offer a fresh breath, a change of venue, and can help me get out of a slump of “why am I writing this again?” mood.

So I’m still working, still writing, still creating, and still listening to the characters rambling around in my head.

Hope you are being creative too, crickets. Be well!

An Unusual Haunting

cover art for An Unusual Haunting featuring sketch of Sara and text

Finally published the book last week through Smashwords, crickets. Yay!

Going through the publishing process was a bit daunting, since I hadn’t released anything in years, but the file and art for An Unusual Haunting sailed through once I had done my homework on preparation.

If I was a serious writer, I suppose I should work harder at promoting what I do. Yet I am serious about writing. Each new project should show improvement over what I did before. And I have been reading and learning and honing the craft as much as I am able. Publishing only serves to mark the end of a project, a challenge to me to put my work out there for someone else to enjoy. If I make anything, it only goes back to purchasing more toner and paper so I can keep going without too much expense.

What will I do now? Direct my attention back on finishing the third story in the Sara series. When that’s completed and goes through the beta-reading process, I will move on to the fantasy book that has languished so long in an unfinished state. Also, the short stories are piling up again, meaning it might be time to publish another collection.

It’s funny how getting one monster six-year project off my desk is leading to more writing instead of time off. I guess that’s the joy of becoming a serious writer, and I am in it for the joy of it.

Until next time, crickets, be well.

Notable Reads and a Writing Update

This year has definitely been an up-ender. Pandemics, work changes, illnesses, remote operations: these past few months have been nothing if not interesting.

I have been reading, though not as much as I would like to. Some of the more notable ones:

  • Bleachers by John Grisham
  • Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones by James Clear
  • Peace Talks by Jim Butcher
  • Actually, the Comma Goes Here: A Practical Guide to Punctuation by Lucy Cripps
  • On Writing by Stephen King

As for the book, An Unusual Haunting, I have everything I need but have yet to run it through the meatgrinder at Smashwords. It’s not a case of fear (I’ve published through the system before, though it’s been a while), yet I am reluctant. This might be a case of perfectionism vs. practicality. Will anyone read the story? The odds are against it, but I want it to be nice for those who do. Are there mistakes in it? Sure. All books have mistakes. I catch them all the time in published novels; I just can’t seem to catch them as easily in mine.

Maybe it’s just hard to set a story free that I’ve held onto closely for several years now. That said, perfect or not, it’s time to let the book go. Expect to see An Unusual Haunting published this month.

Until next time, crickets, take care and be well.

Book update and sequel progress

Greetings, crickets! I finished the book last month – the one that was initially a novella and the sequel novel. I sent it to a beta reader in August of last year and then spent four months hashing through to make it better than it was before.

It’s still not perfect, but it is head and shoulders above anything else I’ve ever written. Which means there’s still room for improvement…

I have five more illustrations to complete and then I can upload the epub file to Smashwords and be done with it. Which means I’m probably going to drag my feet…

And the sequel to this monster book? It was actually nice to take a break away from it for a few months so I can see it with fresh eyes. I’m not rehashing what I’ve written yet, because I believe that edit should come after I finish up the missing scenes, but I am making notes on what to look for. I learned a lot from the beta, and found she made eerily similar notes to what I’ve written on the works I read for friends. Maybe I’m a beta reader at heart, but I still can’t seem to notice everything in my work that I should – probably because it’s just too close to me to see it objectively. Which means, I will still need a beta for the sequel and should start saving some money for that…

Here’s hoping I can send the sequel off later this year and take a break.

Or maybe I can write the short fics needed to round out the next anthology. Or maybe dust off the fantasy book and finally finish the rewrite. Or maybe…I’m just hopeless. Thanks for listening.

Shoring up the old year

A lot has happened this year. My arm has mended, my writing has resumed, I’ve read a few books and I’ve joined a little writing group.

What about posting here? Well, this blog was intended to reach out to others who might want to discuss writing or reading. However, I never promoted it well, so I essentially chat with crickets. Not that I mind crickets, but shouting out in the vacuum of the internet only works if you have something useful to say and others know about it. I’m afraid I’ve failed on both counts: being useful and advertising.

Will I continue here? Yes, but I will try and set up a schedule for posting useful content, meaning items that help with writing, small story snippet posts, and (should someone stop by) asking for interaction on ideas and insights.

pen and notebook

Here’s hoping 2018 was a good year for you, and that you will ring in 2019 with fresh ideas to fill those blank pages, insightful reflections that improve your work, and the gusto to try things outside your comfort zone so you can grow in your craft.