Monthly Archives: February 2017

The impact of a good story

Most of the writers I know are also avid readers. Why? I don’t know about them, but good stories make me feel more, think more, about things I might not ever get to experience in my own tiny part of the world. I am always grateful to those who have the talent to share their imaginations with powerful, quiet, passionate, subtle and deadly words that spark a reaction in my brain and allow me to come along for the ride.

Speaking of writers and storytelling, a friend posted more links on her personal journal about story crafting:

good one on description

good one on properly using backstory

how to fix plot holes

devising conflict between protagonists

I was so impressed by the author of the backstory link (Lisa Cron) that I looked her up and found this great TED talk: “Wired for Story.”

She pretty much sums up why I love storytelling: it can teach, reach, preach, etc. Good or bad, stories have impact, and we’re hardwired to respond.

If you have anything to share, about reading, writing or stories, please do. I’d love to hear it.