Short story to the rescue

Greetings, crickets!

If anyone is actually reading this, I apologize for the delay in posting, and yet I don’t. It’s been a busy few months and, let’s face it, blogging is not a priority for me. Writing is.

And I have been writing. Finally completed a (relatively) short story I started two years ago. It came out nicely and will go into the growing pile slated for another “Stories from the Hut” anthology. I must say, I’m a bit overwhelmed by how many people read that book, at least on Smashwords. Then again, it’s a freebie.

The novel I just published “An Unusual Haunting” is not free, but it is on sale this month in honor of the main character’s birthday. Actually, it’s a test to see if anyone will pay $0.99 for it. So far, no nibbles. And that’s not a problem. If I was in this to make money, I’d be going at the marketing of it with a vengeance. Possibly printing it out and selling it myself at bookstores.

Even so, it can be disheartening not to get nibbles (where someone at least views it, even if they don’t buy). That’s why I was so glad I finished the short story and am picking up another one I have yet to finish but will this year. Short stories are great for keeping my spirits up and creativity going when I get stuck in momentum writing a large novel. Shorts offer a fresh breath, a change of venue, and can help me get out of a slump of “why am I writing this again?” mood.

So I’m still working, still writing, still creating, and still listening to the characters rambling around in my head.

Hope you are being creative too, crickets. Be well!