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Crowdfunding: pros and cons?

I read an interesting personal post from an acquaintance/friend/author who is a far better writer and far more experienced writer than I am. She was discussing crowdfunding books. I had to agree with her thoughts that it might not be right for everyone and that it might not be something she would be willing to fund. Me neither. Aside from issues of trust, thanks to an unscrupulous few, I have no money to spare as I spend too much on my own paper and ink already. (laughs)

Seriously, though, it wouldn’t be easy for me to ask for funding. I am terrible at salesmanship. My main goal is to simply write stories. Whether or not anyone wants to read them (free or otherwise) is not up to me, but the reader, so I decided long ago to stick with Indie publishing and never self publish.

That said, this site is dedicated to writing and reading, so I am dutifully forwarding her links on articles regarding crowdfunding as it might be something of interest to anyone who stops by. This is a tough time for authors. Maybe this information will help.

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