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Novella next week?

Several tales in Stories from the Hut were suspenseful and creepy. This is not because I actively look for suspenseful and creepy storylines to pursue, but because I do enjoy asking my friends for prompts during September and October to see if I can’t write something to entertain them. Most of these shorts turn out strange and wild because of the season, but there are some exceptions.

This year, one very dear friend gave me a three word prompt (thrift store scarf) that turned into an unexpected novella that was a very great pleasure to write. I love action and adventure and this little book had both in abundance. I am hoping to post it on Smashwords next week and will put a link in this blog when I do.

Writing resolutions?

It’s January, and many people I know make resolutions to get in shape or organize their lives. Over the years I’ve noticed that if I am not specific I will lose my way on the path to changing for the better. This is probably because my goals were not clearly defined and because I let things take time from me. Now that I have made progress with improving physically, it’s time to take charge of the other things on my to-do list. Writing is definitely high on the list.

I’m sitting here with a fantasy novel that is not quite finished (about 2/3 done), a novella that is done but needs polishing/editing, and some short stories that need some help before I consider them good enough to share. This means I have some work to do in 2015. Because the novella is done and only needs editing, I believe that will be first on the list – especially as I have already created the cover art for it. Then I might tackle a few of the shorts so I can start compiling a second anthology. Come April, I hope to be in a position to take on the goal of finishing the fantasy novel this year. I recently stumbled on a website that looked like it might help me in this. I know this article definitely got me in the mood to set my ducks in a row so I can keep the momentum going.

So what goals do you have for the year and in what order will you take them on?

Thank you

I have much to give thanks for this season, mainly my family.
I would also like to extend my thanks to those who have been reading what I have been writing.

An update on my writing adventures:
The fantasy novel is still in progress, but it was slowed down a bit and probably won’t be done by the end of the year.
An unexpected novella is in the works, one that interfered with the fantasy novel. I can forgive it that because it has been such a pleasure to write, however, I have no idea what to do with it now. Combine it with another novella I have? Or publish it on its own?

Again, thank you for reading. I don’t often have much to say, but it’s nice to know I can connect with someone else through the power of words. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

Write, Read, Hear?

Today I was given a link by a friend on e-publishing. This author had some tips on what to do if your ebook sales hit a slump. I really liked 1, 6, 7, 8, and 9. And 9 was especially intriguing as I had never thought about audiobooks. Here is some information on self-publishing them (also thanks to my friend).  And more.

Those last two articles only mention ACX (audiobook creation exchange), so are there other forms or companies for distributing audiobooks? Sure enough, there are.

So here’s my question to you: would this ever be something you would try?