Dropping the other shoe

Movie sequels can be dangerous. There have been many times I have enjoyed a movie and been satisfied with the ending and then along comes a sequel and I am torn. Do I see it or not? It’s the same with books. Unless there is a compelling reason for a continuation, I am leery of picking up a sequel.

Which makes the rest of this post so funny.

The story I have been working on? It’s a sequel to Sudarium. Considering how much I truly loved writing the first novella and the nice point where it ended, I was hesitant to continue the misadventures of Sara and Vishi for fear of ruining a good thing. Unfortunately, I did leave clues in the first story that need to be explained so I felt an obligation to pick up the pencil again. It’s nice to realize the second one has been just as much fun to write, up to this point. A friend suggested combining the two into a full length novel. I must say that sounds like a nice idea, but that means repackaging, etc., which might prove confusing.

Speaking of confusing, I do believe the first novella has fared rather badly because of its title, mainly because the word sudarium has now become associated with the shroud of Turin, and that is unfortunate. The original slant of the story was the unknown history of things you find in a thrift store –  I mean, do you know where the item has been? Who owned it? It seemed rather comedic and dangerous to have an original Roman soldier’s scarf or sweat cloth (a sudarium) make itself available to a young woman and then take over her life with its attached history (and former owner). Most of the people I know who have read it have enjoyed it, but then, because I do know them, they are probably biased.

The sequel will hopefully have a better name, though I am still leaning toward Latin at this point. It will also have the same comedic and dangerous slant simply because sometimes you have to laugh at dangerous things and situations or they overwhelm you. As long as it stays fun to write, I will pour my heart into it.

Also, since I’m not really into writing for the money, I decided to put Maker on sale for the rest of the month. Maybe someday I will finish the sequel that belongs with that one, too…